Quota International’s award-winning Hand-in-Hand World Service Program began in 1983 with club-to-club projects organised by Quota members in developing countries through the We Share Foundation.

Now known as the Hand-in-Hand World Service, more than 500 members in 21 Quota Clubs are helping those in need in Fiji, India, Malaysia, the Philippines, and Suriname. 100% of each donation to Hand-in-Hand projects goes directly to changing lives for deaf and hard-of-hearing and disadvantaged women and children.

Quota Club Kuala Lumpur: Life Coaching and Job Skills for Women and Deaf Adults

Quota’s successful collaboration with two charities in Kuala Lumpur continues. This Hand-in-Hand project supports women in a local shelter, and it helps deaf adults earn a living.

In a shelter run by the Women’s Aid Organisation (WAO), residents face uncertain futures, following economic and psychological crises. Since 2006, Hand-in-Hand donations have helped provide training for these women in life skills such as coping, single parenting, assertiveness, home budgeting, and stress management. In addition, they have learned stress-relief activities including beadwork, cooking, baking, sewing, quilting, and yoga.

For women transitioning out of the shelter, donations provide home 'starter kits' of basic household items. Some of these women also receive small business start-up grants to help them towards financial independence.

Quota also collaborates with the RC Deaf Missions to provide career and business opportunities for deaf adults, promote community awareness of deaf issues, and increase sign language services in the region. After providing assistance on request to RC Deaf Missions for many years, Quota began in 2011-2013 to expand its services to the deaf community on a regular basis. Donations now provide small business start-up grants, cover medical expenses, sponsor job seminars, and fund sign language courses in order to augment the pool of qualified interpreters assisting deaf employees in the workplace.

Collaborating both with local organizations and with Quotarians worldwide through the World Service program, QI of Kuala Lumpur continues to improve the quality of life in its community.

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You can also donate via mail to the Hand-in-Hand World Projects. Donations to Hand-in-Hand World Projects can be made in honor of or in memory of a special person.